Why Escalate?

Is Escalate right for you?

Do you have people dealing with repetitive queries, process requests or support issues such as in a Contact Center? Does this bring cost pressures and morale issues to your teams? Have you considered solving these issues by introducing automated chatbot systems but perhaps shied away because the technology appears to be not quite ready yet?

If any of this seems familiar, you should take a look at Escalate AI.

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Chatbots are changing the world but we are a long way from real Artificial Intelligence. And humans are particularly bad at doing repetitive boring things which is where computers excel. So what’s needed is a hybrid approach with both live chat and bot chat.Escalate AI is the answer.

With all the features you would normally expect from a fully functioning live chat system, Escalate integrates IBM Watson chatbot technology. This means the boring repetitive stuff gets answered by bot but the unusual or complex things get escalated to humans. This in turn leads to


By default users will be using the chatbot as an entry point to your organisation so how do they get to humans? There are a number of paths, each configurable within the system:

  • Users can simply ask to speak to a human and Escalate with alert a Chat Agent and the conversation will begin.
  • Escalate uses Watson to return a confidence level in the answer so if it’s not so sure it can offer a human agent instead – “I’m not sure of my answer, would you like to speak to a human?”
  • Watson can also analyse the tone of the chat and identify frustrated customers so as to quickly send them to a human – “It appears you’re in need of an immediate response. Would you like to speak to a human?”

Every bot is unique so not only can we supply Escalate as our hybrid chat platform, we also have our world class development facility in Manilla to design and build your bot at astonishing prices.



Hybrid live chat and AI chat

Escalate AI  has been built for chatbots – they are not bolted on. The system allows a hybrid of AI chat and live chat agents to oversee the bots.


Escalate on Confidence Level

IBM Watson will return a % confidence level in the answer – set your threshold as to when you need to escalate.




Tone Analysis

Escalate uses IBM Watson Tone Analysis to calculate the sentiment of users and agents and offer a realtime view of customer satisfaction.


Offline Ticketing

If there are no human agents present and an escalation is required, the system will allow users to raise an offline ticket for later response.


Multiple Channels

Escalate will support all regular channels such as web chat, Skype, Messenger, Slack, SMS, Twitter etc.


Agent override or edit bot responses

When the system escalates the human agent is offered Watson’s response to other accept, edit or reject.



Moderated Learning

When escalations occur and humans have answered, Escalate places these in a queue for Moderators to analyse so that the chat bot can learn.


Automatic Assignment

As new live chats arrive they are automatically assigned to free chat agents so that they can be monitored for escalations.


Templated Responses

Escalate allows for templated chat agent responses to improve answer quality and agent efficiency.

Chat Archives

All chats can be archived for later searching and retrieving as well as analysis.



Built & Delivered in the IBM Cloud

The IBM Cloud provides world leading scalability, reliability as well as access to IBM Watson services.


Reporting & Analysis

Escalate has inbuilt reporting and analysis of chats, transcripts, tone, confidence levels and user actions.